The Christmas Gift event is both a means and an end to our system to combat spiritual and economic poverty. It is the ability to draw thousands to a central place of service that allows us to connect our guests on a large and efficient scale to our advocate partners that can help them escape poverty.

The Community Partners are an important source and means to provide guests to the Christmas Gift event, while at the same time strengthening the standing and impact of the community partners in their respective sphere of influence. This is especially true in areas where churches are struggling for relevancy and impact. Strengthening the ministry of those churches is integral to our ministry in the community.

From those that have been identified by our community partners and invited to the Christmas Gift event, we will identify potential candidates for enrollment in The Jabez Center. Imagine the Christmas Gift event as a large net that gathers many potential candidates. From that pool, appropriate candidates will be identified and then extended invitations to enroll in our development program. The invite happens in concert with our advocate partners. Our partnership model is a client centric approach to address all of their challenges in a one stop shop. ie housing, daycare, transportation, and education

As we graduate these candidates from The Jabez Center, they will in turn impact their community through the jobs they create or the jobs they obtain, and they will strengthen our Community Partners, especially the body of Christ, the church.

Annual Christmas Gift for the Homeless and Impoverished

Since 2001, Operation Care International has held the “Christmas Gift for the Homeless” celebration to share the Spirit of Christ each December, serving tens of thousands in need with more than 3,000 caring volunteers in partnership with over 300 ministries, churches, businesses and donors.

Services and Goods that are provided include:

  • Evangelism, Prayer and giving out Bibles
  • Socks, Shoes and Foot Washing
  • Medical, Vision and Dental
  • Free Phone Calls
  • Family Reunification
  • Haircuts and Makeovers
  • Toys and Books
  • Coats, Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Christmas Vision 2020

In 2012, God gave Susie Jennings, founder and President of Operation Care International, a vision to replicate the very successful Christmas Gift event. Each year Operation Care hosts the nation’s largest birthday party for Jesus serving the homeless and impoverished men, women, and children of the Dallas Metroplex, and expand its message of hope, life transformation, and the experience of Jesus’s love to all 50 states and scores of countries.

For over a decade Operation Care International has been showing the love of Jesus and sharing hope through transformative connections to the homeless and impoverished men, women, and children of the Dallas Metroplex. Thousands have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at this event since its beginning in 2003. Countless lives have been transformed, and more than 140,000 guests have experienced the love of Jesus shared by thousands of volunteers. Operation Care International along with its collaborative partners are on the front lines of fighting spiritual and economic poverty that effect so many in our community. It’s time now to expand this event and its powerful remedies around the world starting with key cities of America, like our State Capitols.

When we think of the capitol cities of our 50 states, we think of powerful seats of our state governments, replete with beautiful buildings and works of art which reflect each State’s pride and history.

Sadly, in our state capitols, over 900,000 children live in poverty. That’s almost one in three kids under 18. Over 1,600,000 adults live in humiliating poverty, and over 150,000 senior citizens that should be enjoying the fruits of their lives, are instead impoverished and struggling to even buy their necessities.

Spiritual poverty which is closely intertwined with economic poverty is in a crisis as well as the number of people of our great country that now consider themselves saved by Jesus Chris is at a historic low. Worldwide the problem is even greater. Billions live in abject poverty and less than one third of the people have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We believe God has called Operation Care to take its proven success in Dallas, and expand this to a movement that will culminate with a great celebration event on December 19, 2020 led by some of the great evangelists of the world, and a party of the birth of Jesus in more than 100 cities around the globe.

We will begin this expansion in 2018 and be ready for December 19, 2020!! We invite you to join us and help us transform the world one life at a time!!

If you are a city that wants to join this incredible movement and host a Christmas Gift event, apply below.

If you would like to volunteer to serve at this or other Operation Care events, click below:

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The Jabez Center

“And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying ‘Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.’ So God granted him what he requested.”

1 Chronicles 4:10
New International Version

Inspired by the prayer of Jabez, Operation Care International plans to develop a center to help the impoverished expand their territory and to experience God’s hand upon their lives.

This center will be focused on developing career expertise that will have
the capacity to yield annual earnings exceeding $50,000 (the amount a single parent with two children needs to earn to truly escape poverty).

Our focus will be on three specific tracks of development: Restaurant Leadership, Retail Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

We will adopt a client centric approach to address all the barriers to success for our students. We believe  key to the success of this project will be the collaborative formation of partnerships with organizations to meet the needs of our participants with special focus on housing, childcare and transportation along with the educational needs noted.