Operation Care is the flagship for the vision of providing love and hope for the homeless and impoverished. In obedience to God, we facilitate opportunities to experience the love of Christ and come know better the hope that there is in him by meeting physical needs. With the help of financial donors, volunteers and our Community Partners we are able to have this influence in Dallas, the United States and the world.

The Community Partners are an important source and means in order to meet the needs of our homeless and impoverished guests at the Christmas Gift event. At the same time, our community partners involvement in this cause helps to strengthen their respective sphere of influence. This is especially true in areas with churches that are struggling for relevancy and impact. Strengthening the ministry of those churches is integral to our mission in the community.

The Christmas Gift event is the vehicle to our system for combating spiritual and economic poverty. The event’s ability to draw thousands to a central place of service that allows Operation Care to connect our guests on a large and efficient scale to our advocate partners that can help them escape their poverty.