Banquet of Love 2023: Help Us Love on the Homeless!

How We Serve

Operation Care International facilitates opportunities for the lost, the least, and the lonely to experience the love of Christ and the hope that there is in Him by meeting their physical needs.

Our Ministries

Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift event is our vehicle for combating spiritual and economic poverty. It is an annual birthday celebration for Jesus honoring the homeless and Impoverished at the Dallas Convention Center. The event is held on December 19th each year and draws thousands to a central location allowing Operation Care to connect our guests to our advocate partners on a large and efficient scale that will help them escape homelessness and poverty.
Operation Care International - Christmas Gift

We aim to be the catalyst showing the love of Christ to the least of these in action, meeting the spiritual needs by sharing the gospel and physical needs all at the same day showing compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Following the example of the Lord Jesus Christ, we wash the feet of our guests and provide new footwear and other gifts. God given vision is to provide $10,000.00 to each state and country for the footwear of children.

December 19, 2020 is the grand opening of this global annual event. The daytime outreach will be followed by the global celebration where the good news of the gospel will be proclaimed.

The Community Partners are an important source of help to meet the needs of our homeless and impoverished guests at the Christmas Gift event. At the same time, our community partners strengthen their respective sphere of influence through their involvement. This is especially true in areas with churches that are struggling for relevancy and impact. Strengthening the ministry of those churches is integral to our mission in the community.

Operation Care International - Christmas Gift process

GOAL: A world revival and evangelization and praying that billions will come to know Christ while celebrating His birthday. #onedaybillionaires! Operation Care International desires to emulate the Nation’s largest birthday party for Jesus honoring the homeless and impoverished in all 50 states and around the world.

Operation Care International - Joseph's Storehouse

Joseph's Storehouse

In March 2020, God placed in our hearts a mission to be the only PPE fulfillment center for the homeless shelters and ministries in North Texas. In March we provided to 2 shelters, in April to 4 shelters, in May to 10 shelters/ministries, and in June to 12 shelters/ministries, a six-fold increase! The shelters we provided for have had zero infections from the COVID19 virus.

PPE’s that we provide monthly are the following: masks, gloves, and face shields. We also provide these much-needed items to protect our shelters/ministry partners’ staff and the homeless from the COVID19 virus: hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and thermometers.

God expanded the vision by providing water and food, like fresh produce (beans, apples, oranges, potatoes, onions, carrots), energy bars, snacks like Craisins, and spaghetti sauce.

GOAL:  To continue providing PPE’s to the shelters so that they may stay COVID19 infection-free and reduce spreading the virus in the North Texas homeless community.

Christmas in July

During summer, Operation Care International conducts an international mission to serve the homeless and impoverished children worldwide. We partner with ministries and churches over the globe to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of children.
Operation Care International - Christmas in July

WHO: Served 11 countries (Philippines, India, Kenya, Taiwan,
China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Israel, Jordan, Brazil, and Nepal). We ministered to a total of 28,000 children.

WHAT: Provide Bibles, Backpacks, School supplies, Socks, Shoes, T shirts, food, and Toys. We do foot washing as the trademark of Operation Care International to emulate the servanthood of Jesus Christ.

WHERE: Helped build schools in Kenya and Cambodia, a medical clinic for orphans in Cambodia and now partnering with the mayor of Ariel, Israel to address the educational needs of their school children.

GOAL: To globally unite the body of believers to show the love of Christ in action.

Operation Care International - Monthly Shelter Outreach

Monthly Shelter Outreach

Every third Saturday of the month, we host a “come and see” event to serve the homeless. We partner with different churches in the DFW Metroplex to provide a chapel worship service with a minister, singer, personal testimony, and an opportunity to pray for the homeless. We also serve dinner and prepare breakfast for the next day.

WHEN: Every 3rd Saturday of the month from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

WHAT: Partners with different churches in DFW metroplex that provides the chapel worship service with a minister, singer, personal testimony, and opportunity to pray for the Homeless men.

HOW: Serve dinner, prepare food for breakfast, clean up and pray with the kitchen staff.

GOAL:  To introduce the local churches and volunteers to the need of the North Texas Homeless Community and in return they could engage in the continuing monthly mission of Operation Care International.

Street Outreach

Three times a year, we do extensive street outreach to the homeless in Dallas. We provide Bibles, Gospel tracts, clothing, personal care products, bottled water, and—of course—lots of love.

Operation Care International - Street Outreach

WHEN: Pre- Easter — Day before Easter. Summer – Last Saturday of August.  Pre-Thanksgiving – Saturday before Thanksgiving.

WHAT: Provision of Bibles, Gospel Tracts, clothing (Blue jeans and T shirts), personal care products, bottled water and lots of love.

WHO: Partner with Union Gospel Mission, The Bridge Shelter and Austin Street Shelter.


GOAL: To provide for the spiritual needs by sharing the gospel in the streets and physical needs of our homeless friends in the North Texas Community throughout the year.

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