Banquet of Love 2023: Help Us Love on the Homeless!

The Largest Christmas Party in the World
Celebrating Jesus Christ's Birthday

Operation Care International is committed to evangelizing the world
on the same date in all 50 US states and in 240 countries.


You are invited to the
Global Birthday Party for Jesus!

December 16, 2023

Operation Care International - Susie Jennings

In 2012, God gave Susie Jennings a vision to expand the very successful birthday party for Jesus (Christmas Gift event) and take its message of hope, transformation, and the experience of Jesus’ love to more than 250 cities across the 50 states and to all 240 countries of the world.

This event is now aptly renamed the Global Birthday Party for Jesus, reflecting God’s perfect vision of the salvation of the world.

We believe on that ONE DAY, millions will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This worldwide day of evangelism will culminate with a series of large gatherings held by the world’s greatest evangelists, and there will be millions of new heirs to His throne.

How Can You Join the Global OneDay Movement?


As a church or rescue mission, you can partner with us to hold a celebration for those you serve.


Adopt a city or country, or become a monthly partner of Operation Care International.


Get involved at your nearest outreach site and help share the love of Jesus with your community.

ONEDAY Movement from 2020-2022

Exposed to the Gospel
Professions of Faith

At home and abroad, millions of people are homeless and impoverished.

Over the past three years, despite the global pandemic, Operation Care International has partnered with 52 countries and 25 states to provide $400,000 of seed funding to buy shoes for the impoverished.

 In December 2023, our goal is to reach thirty states and over 100 countries.

 On December 16, 2023, in Dallas, we will have an evangelistic celebration sharing the good news of Jesus! 

 Check out some pictures from our previous evangelistic celebration!

Join us in this global celebration!

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