God is the source of all blessings and streams of mercy never ceasing. He is our Fountain of Many Blessings.
At Operation Care International, we believe that He wants us to be a conduit though which His blessings, both spiritual and physical flow to others.
As God continues to bless, we are so thankful to be able to honor Him by sharing the abundance He provides us with over 50 other like minded, Christ serving organizations in the Dallas metroplex.
We are dedicated to being a Fount of Blessings from God and thankful to our Lord for allowing us to serve Him by distributing to others.
We currently provide food, school supplies, Bibles, shoes and other essential living items to over 50 partners for distribution to the homeless and impoverished on a regular basis.
For only a $50 donation, you can help us provide distribution of needed provisions to one of our partners for a day!
For only $50 per month, you can helps us provide provisions for one of our partners for one day per month for an entire year!!

Help Operation Care International
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