Casting Seeds

This past weekend Susie Jennings and I (Mike Tirone) took an Uber to meet our three “Homeless Got Talent” winners at Cornerstone Baptist Church in downtown Dallas. Meet Shamika, our Uber driver who recently moved from Wisconsin to Dallas. During the seven-minute drive we asked Shamika about her move and her family. Shamika has a 13-year-old daughter! We learned she lived in the Richardson area of Dallas. I asked her if she was attending church. She said no so we told her about a church near her home that has a great environment for kids. We shared with her how great it would be for her daughter to be around other children who loved the Lord, especially during her teen years. The short drive was over, and we made it to our destination. I looked at Susie and we both felt like the the Lord was asking us to pray for her. I asked Shamika, “How can we pray for you?” She asked us to pray for her and her daughter. Susie prayed for her daughter, and I prayed for Shamika. I saw her smile and countenance change after this brief exchange. We left her a generous tip and wrote Jeremiah 29:11 in the notes! Did Shamika take her daughter to church? How was her current relationship with God? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I know this: As followers of Christ, it’s important to cast seeds and leave the consequences to God! Join us, as we continue to pray for our new Wisconsin friend, Shamika!

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