Banquet of Love 2023: Help Us Love on the Homeless!

Serving the lost, the least, and the lonely,
from Dallas to the ends of the earth

Operation Care International meets the needs of the poor
and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives.

At home and abroad, millions of people are homeless and impoverished.

Every night, millions of adults and children go to bed cold, hungry, and without their basic needs met. They wonder if the world has forgotten them—if anyone loves them.

Operation Care International believes the poor and needy
deserve to experience God's love through the ministry of His people.

Meet the Needs

Share the Gospel

Transform Lives

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Out of tragedy, a call to serve

Operation Care International - Susie Jennings

Desiring to serve God and her community after the tragic death of her husband, God called Susie Jennings to give blankets to the homeless in downtown Dallas in November 1993. The homeless called her “The Blanket Lady.”

That modest beginning was the genesis of Operation Care International (OCI), which has grown to encompass multiple ministries and major events each year in Dallas, Texas as well as missions to the homeless and destitute children in nations around the world.

Lives Transformed

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Our impact since 2004

Homeless and Impoverished Served
Volunteers Serving
Professions of Faith
Foot Washings

Urgent need in Ukraine

Help Operation Care International provide relief to Ukrainian women and children fleeing the conflict in their home country.

Our Ministries

Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift event is our vehicle for combating spiritual and economic poverty. It is an annual birthday celebration for Jesus honoring the homeless and impoverished at the Dallas Convention Center. The event is held in December each year and draws thousands to a central location allowing Operation Care to connect our guests to our advocate partners on a large and efficient scale that will help them escape homelessness and poverty.

Operation Care International - Christmas Gift
Operation Care International - Ukraine support

OneDay Movement


Over the past three years, despite the global pandemic, Operation Care International has partnered with 25 states and 52 countries to provide over $400,000 of seed funding to buy shoes for the impoverished.

In December 2023, our goal is to reach thirty states and over 100 countries.

On December 16, 2023, in Dallas, we will have an evangelistic celebration sharing the good news of Jesus! 

 Check out some pictures from our previous evangelistic celebration!

Joseph's Storehouse

In March 2020, God placed in our hearts a mission to be the only PPE fulfillment center for the homeless shelters and ministries in North Texas. In March we provided to 2 shelters, in April to 4 shelters, in May to 10 shelters/ministries, and in June to 12 shelters/ministries, a six-fold increase! The shelters we provided for have had zero infections from the COVID19 virus.
Operation Care International - Joseph's Storehouse
Operation Care International - Christmas in July

Christmas in July

During summer, Operation Care International conducts an international mission to serve the homeless and impoverished children worldwide. We partner with ministries and churches over the globe to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of children.

Monthly Shelter Outreach

Every third Saturday of the month, we host a “come and see” event to serve the homeless. We partner with different churches in the DFW Metroplex to provide a chapel worship service with a minister, singer, personal testimony, and an opportunity to pray for the homeless. We also serve dinner and prepare breakfast for the next day.

Operation Care International - Monthly Shelter Outreach
Operation Care International - Street Outreach

Street Outreach

Three times a year, we do extensive street outreach to the homeless in Dallas. We provide Bibles, Gospel tracts, clothing, personal care products, bottled water, and—of course—lots of love.

How We Do It


From the beginning, God made it clear that He wanted evangelism and caring for the needy to be the focus of Operation Care International.

Foot Washing

Before He went to the cross, Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, a wonderful picture of how He washes away our sins. We emulate our Servant Leader by making this simple act the trademark of our ministry.

Bridging the Gap

We partner with organizations worldwide to bring vital services and resources to the needy. This partnership helps the needy get assistance to leave their desperate situations and become contributing members of our society.

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Why We Do It

There are people—homeless, impoverished, widows, orphans—who wonder if they have been overlooked and forgotten by society. They often lack basic needs for survival. More than that, they long to be loved, seen, heard, and cared for.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are commanded to help those who lack (Matthew 5:42, Luke 6:30-31). Operation Care International answers this call by ministering to the poor and homeless in Dallas, Texas and all around the world. Through God’s provisions, we are committed to showing Christ’s love by providing for their spiritual and physical needs.

What started as one woman answering God’s call to serve the Dallas homeless has grown into a worldwide ministry to serve the lost, the least, and the lonely. Since 2004, we have served over 300,000 of the homeless and impoverished, washed over 150,000 people’s feet, and led over 45,000 people to Jesus.

Is God calling you to serve with us? There are two ways we could use your support:

  1. Give financially to support our outreach and operations
  2. Volunteer your time and resources for one of our ministries

We invite you to help us meet the needs of the poor, tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ, and transform lives through God’s power.

Hear Susie tell the Operation Care story.

Our Partners

Be Inspired by One Widow's Faithful Obedience

After the tragic death of her husband, Susie Jennings’s world shattered into a million pieces. She couldn’t understand why God allowed him to suffer and die. But God had a bigger plan for her life.

31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles tells how God called Susie out of the depths of sorrow and worked through her to start a worldwide ministry caring for the homeless and impoverished. This book will encourage you to answer the call the Lord has given you—and to always remember that He has an amazing purpose for your life. Download your free copy today.

Operation Care International - 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles book cover

You Can Make a Difference

Your gift of time or money can help meet someone's need
and share with them the Gospel of Christ.

Help Operation Care International
provide relief to Ukrainian children