December 19, 2020
You are invited to the Global Birthday Party for Jesus!

The largest Christmas Party in the world celebrating Jesus Christ’s birthday.

In 2012, God gave Susie Jennings a vision to expand the very successful birthday party for Jesus (Christmas Gift Event) and take its message of hope, transformation, and the experience of Jesus’ love to more than 250 cities across the 50 states and to all 240 countries of the world.

This event is now aptly renamed the Global Birthday Party for Jesus, and will occur on December 19, 2020, reflecting God’s perfect vision of the salvation of the world.

We believe on that ONE DAY, millions will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and this worldwide day of evangelism will culminate with a series of large gatherings held by the world’s greatest evangelists, and there will be millions of new heirs to His throne.


  • Pray for us and embrace the Father’s love to do the impossible
  • Sponsor a city or lead a country
  • Make a potential host city or country aware of this event and encourage then to apply if you have media connections
  • Donate needed supplies, products, services or funds to support this global movement
  • Volunteer to help at the event
  • Recruit churches, companions and organizations to participate


  • A customized website for each city and country
  • Operations Manual to plan for the day of the event
  • Volunteer training videos
  • Support center (FAQs and call-in service center)
  • Worldwide prayer network