Ken Tse Warehouse

When Ken M. Tse attended Operation Care International’s (OCI) gala last fall he was drawn to the heart of OCI’s founder Susie Jennings. Susie’s passion to serve the homeless is contagious. Ken is now helping provide masks and other PPE’s for the Joseph Storehouse outreach. The June 26th outreach will be the largest one yet! Ken is the Executive Director of New Hope Compassion

I caught up with these two ministry leaders to talk about how they have partnered to help our North Texas Shelters.


Question: Ken, how did you get involved with OCI’s Joseph Storehouse outreach?

Ken M. Tse: Operation Care International board member Dave Lo told me about the outreach and the need for masks. I thought we could help, and when I spoke to Susie, she said they needed 2,000 masks. For the June outreach we will help with seventy face shields. When we work together and give together, we all can make a greater impact on those in need.

Question: Why is it important for ministries to come together and share resources?

Ken: We have a common goal to serve those in need. I learned early in my own ministry I had to lean on others. It’s important to collaborate. It’s exciting to be a part of this outreach with Operation Care International. When they did the first outreach, they served two shelters. On June 26th, we have plans to distribute to twelve shelters. It’s clear God is at work with Operation Care and I want to be where He is working!

Susie: It’s true that we are stronger together! First off, it’s biblical. We are one body! OCI has always been about strategic collaborations. We have sixty-plus partners helping us each Christmas for our annual event. We would not be the largest event for the homeless without those partners. It’s a beautiful picture of unity when we all come together for one purpose. December 19, 2020, (ONEDAY2020) will bring dozens of states and many countries together to love on “the least of these” and share the good news of the gospel.

Question: You have a heart to save the lost here in North Texas as well as overseas, which is the heart of OCI. How can the Operation Care International team pray for you, Ken?

Ken: I want to continue to trust God more. When we bless other ministries, God has blessed us. The common goal of reaching the lost both here in North Texas and internationally has us united. We are excited to be a part of ONEDAY2020 as well!

Our June 26th outreach is the biggest one so far! We need your prayers and financial support. This outreach will include the 350-399 homeless staying at the Dallas Convention Center too! Your giving is saving lives and making a difference!

Your giving helps us distribute:

Disinfecting Wipes
Hand Sanitizers
Bottled Water
Fresh Produce
Infrared Thermometers
Energy bars, Craisins, Spaghetti Sauce
Fruit Juice

Face Shields for Shelters

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord”

Psalms 19:17