Now working in India to save lives

Last year’s COVID-19 mutated into a deadly strain in India which spread like wildfire in a most horrific way. People thought that the worst was behind them and had begun to welcome normalcy.

They, including the authorities were totally unprepared for the sudden onslaught that swiftly took out over a million lives all over the country, in just two months of April and May. Victims were collapsing in their homes and on the streets unable to breathe. Hospitals were overcrowded and Oxygen cylinders unavailable. People had taken to cremating their dear family members in open lots within the city as all the crematoriums were over utilized.

The situation is now coming under control, but the Government of India has issued a warning to be prepared for a 3rd Wave of a more virulent coronavirus coming in the month of September onwards!

The Government’s masterplan is to vaccinate the entire population of 1.4 billion!

But the sheer logistics of such an undertaking means it may take quite some time since just 6 % of the population has received the vaccine.

Meanwhile, people could do something to prepare themselves.

The answer to that is our Medical Kit. This life saving plastic bag contains 9 items. Medications: Supplements like Vitamins C, D3, Multivitamin to boost the Immune system and aids like a Steam Inhaler, Face masks and hand sanitizer: an Instruction booklet in various languages.

The cost of this Medical Kit is $5 only!

Yes, that’s all it takes to offer HOPE to people who are in fear for their lives and for their loved ones.

How many lives would you like to touch in this greatest hour of need?

25 people – $125 or 50 people – $250 or 100 people- $500 or 200 people – $1,000

We call this Kit, ‘Asha Daan’ [the Gift of Hope] !

Josh Christian
Advisor and in charge of
Indian relief project!