North Texas Giving Tuesday Day is Here!

Masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and bottled water are needed by May 22nd! Your gift TODAY will enable us to keep giving them away!

God provided Operation Care International with a $20,000 matching gift! Each gift will be doubled!

North Texas Giving Tuesday Now!  Click Here

One gift of $100 allows us to buy over 200 masks because of the blessing of the matching gift!


  • 10,000 masks
  • 10,000 hand sanitizers
  • 10,000 disinfecting wipes
  • 10,000 gloves
  • 10 pallets of water (16,000 bottles)

On May 22nd we will distribute these items to Union Gospel Mission, The Bridge, Austin Street Shelter, Our Calling, and Salvation Army, etc.

Your giving is changing and saving lives during this COVID-19 pandemic!

Question: Why give to Operation Care International (OCI)?

Answer: Your gifts are saving lives! Union Gospel Mission President Bruce Butler said, “Getting these life-saving items from OCI is like getting gold. So far, not one person either on our staff or the homeless we serve has tested positive for COVID-19. God has protected us from the virus.”

What a praise report; it’s actually a miracle considering the homeless are twice as likely to get and spread the virus!


Gabriella was a widow who volunteered at the Operation Care Christmas event for the homeless in the past. Gabriella knew our team was bringing much-needed items to the shelters during this COVID-19 pandemic. She wanted to help. She and a few friends who live in a senior community in Dallas started to make masks. We shared her story and another volunteer saw it. Now, that volunteer is donating fabric to make even more masks! Love keeps on giving. It’s contagious generosity and now it’s your turn to give!

Your gift will save lives!

Prayerfully Give Your Best Gift Now!

“He who gives to the Lord will never lack.”

Proverbs 28:27