“For then I will give to the peoples purified lips, That all of them may call on the name of the LORD, To serve Him shoulder to shoulder.”
Zephaniah 3:9

We are very grateful to God for Tom and his partnership; it has been a great blessing. As you’ll see, God has blessed Tom’s business and Operation Care International (OCI) as we have stood serving God, shoulder to shoulder. Together, we are stronger in Jesus’ name.

Tom Pauszek

Meet Tom Paulszek

Operation Care International Warehouse Partner

When Susie Jennings was called to throw a party celebrating our Lord’s birthday honoring “the least of these,” God knew Operation Care International would need to find a special site for storage. After all, the annual Christmas Gift event, as the nation’s largest event for the homeless, would need a vast amount of warehouse space to store all the supplies and gifts for thousands of homeless and impoverished guests.

It’s true that God has people everywhere! Meet Tom Pauszek, who is the owner of EXL Exchange Logistics warehouse in Dallas! One of the volunteers of OCI introduced Tom to Susie and the rest is history. God has recently expanded Tom’s business, and we caught up with him at the new warehouse which OCI will be moving into, with even more space!


Operation Care International: When did you cross paths with Susie Jennings and Operation Care International?

Tom Pauszek: In 2007, I was contacted by one of Susie’s volunteers who was dialing warehouse providers to find a new home for Operation Care’s decorations and donations. OCI had to move from their current storage immediately. When I didn’t say ‘No’ immediately, that was enough to release “the closer,” Susie Jennings! Who can say ‘No’ to Susie Jennings?

Operation Care International: How many years have you generously donated space to OCI for free?

Tom Pauszek: It’s been 13 years now and counting! It’s been fast and furious as OCI continues to grow!

Operation Care International: How have you seen God bless your obedience?

Tom Pauszek: I have been blessed in several ways. My business was blessed financially and I received moral support from OCI when we had the recession in 2008-2009. I almost had to close the business. The financial support and outpouring of prayer from Susie and dozens of volunteers gave me the strength and determination to survive that crisis. Personally, the blessings have been deeper and even more impactful. Witnessing firsthand all that Susie has accomplished and all the adversity she continually overcomes is miraculous in itself, and it rekindled my belief in the Lord and His message of hope. Susie is a conduit for the Lord, and as such, has blessed thousands of homeless and impoverished. The army of volunteers follow her contagious enthusiasm. Susie has inspired me to be more kind and considerate.

Operation Care International: What was your impression of the Operation Care International annual Christmas event?

Tom Pauszek: I have the clearest recollection of my first year at the event, standing outside on a really cold morning where I could see the volunteer registration area, the outdoor bandstand with a band performing, and the multiple lines of homeless veterans, men, women, and children that stretched from the entrance doors out to the street and all the way down the length of the Convention Center almost to City Hall. These folks had been in these lines for hours in the dark, cold, early morning hours, waiting for physical and spiritual sustenance. I was so overcome by the sheer numbers of the homeless and overcome again by the number of volunteers who were giving of their day off to assist the homeless that I welled up and cried. I cried for the plight of the homeless, for I had never seen thousands of homeless in one spot, and I cried tears of happiness for the throngs of volunteers who were eagerly showing their compassion for the homeless. I felt that Jesus would have been so gratified to see people reaching out to help the poor and downtrodden. I marveled at how this huge event grew from ONE person who never realized what could spring forth from her providing blankets to small groups of the homeless years earlier, acting in homage to her deceased husband whose suffering caused her worry in the last years of his life. I was in awe of Susie and what she had accomplished, and I was reassured in the goodness of man by the outpouring of support by the volunteers.

Operation Care International: How much of the warehouse do you donate to OCI?

Tom Pauszek: They utilize about 10,000 square feet of floor space. At the Center, OCI decorates over 500,000 square feet with Christmas trees and decorations. All of those decorations are stored in our warehouse.

Operation Care International: How can the OCI family pray for you and your expanding business?

Tom Pauszek: Just keep praying that you continue to do what you have done all these years. I have been blessed by your continued prayers many times when I faced adversity, both professionally and personally. It’s been an honor to be a part of this great ministry outreach!

Take a Closer Look Inside of Our Warehouse

Thank you, Tom, for being our Partner.

Thank you for helping save lives.

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“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord”

Psalms 19:17