Praise God for the fruits of your labor for Christmas Gift 2018! Operation Care International hosted the largest birthday party for Jesus in the United States honoring the homeless & impoverished of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. YOU made it happen!

  • 500,000 sq ft of the Convention Center
  • 628 professions of faith
  • 2,329 Bibles and Bible story books
  • 6,464 guests (700 veterans)
  • 3,579 volunteers
  • 450 pallets of gifts and decorations
  • 49 community partners
  • 28 hairstylists
  • 9,800 meals served
  • 13,200 Krispy Kreme donuts
  • 5,000 cupcakes with 5 colors
    (black=sin, red = blood, white = purity, green = growth, yellow = heaven!)
  • 8 Hospitals and clinics
  • 163 eyeglasses for adults
  • Hundreds of entertainers
  • Thousands of sleeping bags, blankets, shoes, coats, socks, toys, etc


  • Nick Vujicic, Author of Life Without Limbs, A world-renowned motivational speaker
  • Orville Rogers, 101-year-old WWII Pilot who came in his uniform and lots of gold medals from his running competitions
  • Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings
  • Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2019, London Hibbs
  • Mary James, a 4-time female vocalist of the year
  • Bobby Hayden Jr., Founder of Cardboard Box Ministries
  • Gaye Arbuckle, National Gospel Recording artist
  • TBN came and filmed the event
  • Fox 4 news featured us in the news for almost 3 minutes
  • Documentary film producer, Pastor Chuck Reich
  • Featured by the Dallas Morning News after the event

To view more of our Christmas Gift Event please visit our GALLERY